July 2, 2021

Monopolists and big pharma will continue to thrive under a Trump administration, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by a group of academic researchers, examined the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the government.

The researchers found that while drug companies have been “increasingly supportive of the Trump administration in recent years,” they are now “increasing to the point where they no longer have a preference for Trump.”

The researchers used a variety of metrics to quantify the effect of pharmaceutical companies on the government, and found that “the relationship between the two is extremely close.”

While the pharmaceutical companies were largely supportive of Trump during his first two years in office, the two companies are now largely at odds.

The pharmaceutical industry now spends more on lobbying than the government does.

The number of pharmaceutical lobbyists in Congress is up to 1,000. 

Trump has promised to take a “big step forward” with drug prices and “a big step back” with healthcare reform. 

“This study shows that drug companies are in a very difficult position,” Andrew Kolodny, a professor of law at Columbia University, told The Washington Post.

“The Trump administration has promised that they will be able to lower drug prices.

The Trump administration is not going to be able either.

That is why the pharmaceutical industry is so frustrated.”

The pharmaceutical companies have had a difficult time making good on promises to lower their prices, according the researchers, because the Trump Administration has made it clear that they are “not going to have a deal that works.”

This could lead to an “unreasonable increase in the cost of medicines,” said Kolodney, who is also an associate professor of health policy at Harvard Law School.

The drug industry is also working hard to protect its dominance in the drug market.

The companies have “largely adopted a business strategy that involves defending its market share and protecting its business,” according to the study. 

While Trump has promised not to interfere with the health care industry, the researchers found there has been “substantial effort” to influence the drug industry to keep prices low.

The authors found that pharmaceutical companies are “very aggressive in their attempts to control drug prices, including in the form of lobbying.”

The study also noted that the pharmaceutical company lobby groups have made a “large amount of money” off the Trump Presidency.

The lobbying efforts include a “strategic plan” that includes pushing legislation to “substantially expand” Medicare Advantage, the government-run insurance program for older Americans. 

According to the researchers’ analysis, there are currently about 400,000 “drug company lobbyists” in Congress, a number that has increased by over 500 percent since President Trump took office in January.

That number is “significantly higher than the number of lobbyists in the U.S. Senate and House,” and “far greater than the lobbying activities of the pharmaceutical lobbying groups.” 

According in their report, pharmaceutical companies spent $1.8 billion lobbying the U,S.

government in 2017.

That amount of spending dwarfs the $1 billion spent on healthcare lobbying during the Obama Administration.

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